Pricing Policies

PB Chicago Pricing Policies

We know that professional transportation seems like an impossible expense, but it truly isn't! The truth is, every penny you pay goes towards the maintenance of our wonderful services. We don't charge extra to make a large profit margin, and you'll see that when you get a quote. We keep our vehicles in the best condition possible for your benefit! We know that we can't survive without you, so we've modeled our pricing to reflect that. A lot of our customers assume that our limousines and party buses are not affordable. That thought lasts until the moment they speak to our staff! We compete with our competition by giving the highest quality transportation without the high cost of rental. This way, we're able to conduct a lot of service for a cost that you're sure to enjoy. We offer the best prices in the city of Chicago, and we're absolutely able to do so by passing on our profits to you, each and every time. You only pay for what you need all based on the way in which we set our pricing.

For us to give you an accurate price quote, we'll need a few pieces of information. Please let us know where you plan on going, with how many people, and when you'll need service. After you've given us that information, we can give you an accurate and affordable price quote. We guarantee we'll be able to find you something to match your needs and budget!

Consider splitting the costs between passengers if it's still too costly for you. Be sure to avoid high demand days like holidays and weekends, as well as the season of late spring until early summer. Doing this will allow you to get the lowest price possible! You'll be glad to know that what you see is what you get when you book with us, which is why we have so many returning customers. We don't charge hidden fees unlike other companies! As we previously said, a fantastic way of spending less is to rent in our off season. This ensures you get your limousine or party bus at a much more affordable rate and still lets you to take part in a terrific trip with your loved ones. Call us by calling 312-494-1481 so you can find out if the vehicle that you like is available for rental. The customer service representatives at PB Chicago or Savannah GA Party Bus Pricesare by the phone awaiting your phone call so pick up the phone and dial right now!