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Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there's no smoking on our vehicles. Smoking causes excessive cleaning and unwanted cleaning fees to be dispersed to previous renters. We'd like to avoid charging anybody anything extra because they decided to smoke on a vehicle.
We do not allow for dogs or any pets on any of our vehicles. Not even lizards.
All of our vehicles are extremely safe! They come fully inspected before and after every trip and they're maintained regularly. Every single of one of our driver is well screened through out our hiring process and employment.
We lawfully cannot give alcohol to our passengers. Limo companies do not possess that type of liquor license. If you would like to stop and buy some adult beverages, we will happily do that for you. With our service, our customers have 100% unlimited stops and unlimited mileage as long as their pickup and drop off location are within our service area.
In order for us to determine availability of a vehicle, we'll need to get a few details from you. Namely what the date and time that you need service as well as the amount of people that you need to transport. Call or email a booking agent at any time!
Although we do clean the limousines prior to every use, we would prefer it if our customers clean up their excess trash. However we cannot give back any alcohol left behind so at minimum be sure to remove that.
As you agreed to when you booked your vehicle, we don't allow cancellations for absolutely any reason at any time. When you book your vehicle with PB Chicago you are disallowing us from selling it to other customers and that is not fair to them or us. We expect all clients to be responsible for their end of the agreement by paying for the service that they agreed to pay for.
It's not hard at all! The only thing that you have to do is speak with our staff of experts at 312-494-1481 and they'll be able to assist you right away. It's a good idea to have a rough estimate of the date and time that you need service provided for you as well as for how many people you'll need to transport. One tip is if this is for a wedding, the number of people is generally more than you assume because you'll have wedding photographers, party planners, and the like on the vehicle with you.