Cicero, IL Restaurants

Popular Dining Options

We provide limousine or party bus service all over the Chicagoland area and we spend a lot of time taking our guests to their dining destinations. As a result we are able to get unique first hand experiences from a wide range of individuals. We are able to provide insight into which restaurants, as well as other establishments, are trending up so you will never be at a loss for something to do with our experienced chauffeurs. Below we will provide a few of our top suggestions from in Cook County, in and around Cicero.

Cafe Caribe
(708) 548-8025

Cafe Caribe is a local Caribbean and Puero Rican destination for food. You know it's an authentic spot when the natives of the area vouch that it tastes like it is from the island itself. You'll never have a bad eating experience here. The customer service is another aspect of this experience that will keep you coming back for more. We recommend enjoying a Jibarito soda along with your delicious food! Be sure to try out their arroz con gandules, another popular option for eating lunch and dinner here. The owner goes out of his way to ensure that you're having a good time.

[ 6138 W 26th St Cicero, IL 60804 ]
(708) 712-7173

Brasas offers Mexican cuisine that served up in an attractive fashion. The locals swear by their steak and al pastor tacos, menudo, beef tongue, as well as their guacamole. There aren't a ton of tables to eat at here as it's primarily a take out spot, but you will be able to be accomodated if you're looking for a quick place to enjoy your lunch hour hour. The fish taco is something that has its praises sung throughout the area, so be sure to give it a shot if you're a fan. There is also a children's menu here, so bring the entire family here knowing it will be great.

[ 6011 W Roosevelt Rd Cicero, IL 60804 ]
Freddy’s Pizza
(708) 863-9289

Freddy’s Pizza is a destination for pizza, but that's not all! This is also a destination for ice cream and frozen yogurt for those looking for a new spot to get their dessert on. From the chicken piccata to the frozen Italian lemonade, there's quite an extensive menu for you to consider here. The meatball sandwich is affordable, and the locals can't seem to get enough of it. They have a small selection of grocery goods to choose from as well, so it's safe to say that this is ultimately a convenient place to get some shopping and eating done at the very same time.

[ 1600 S 61st Ave Cicero, IL 60804 ]
Revive Club & Cafe
(708) 298-9538

Revive Club & Cafe is a local destination that is kept clean and cozy! That's only part of the reason why locals love to eat and drink here so much, though. It's also known for the interior decoration, fresh food, and friendly service through and through. There are a lot of different dishes to choose from here, and most of them have an Italian flair. The service is personal, and the pina coloadas are out of this world. They are also talented baristas here, so be sure to consider their extensive coffee selection when your find yourself at Revive Club & Cafe.

[ 5612 W 35th St Cicero, IL 60804 ]

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