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It really is imperative to spend time and thought on every single facet of your wedding in an organized and deliberate manner. If you are not careful, one minor detail may end up unraveling into a cavalcade of wedding horrors. One of those details is choosing the right invitations for your wedding, and making sure they are labeled and shipped correctly. It is always wise to have your venues reserved or booked before you get too far into deciding on invitation cards so that the styles and color schemes of your location and vision correlate well with the style and color scheme of the cards. It may seem like a daunting task to handle, but do not worry, because Chicago has all the tools you need to achieve those elegant invitations you desire including print shops, professional stationers, and calligraphers. Here are some steps to help make the process of selecting invitations easier for you.

The first step is to decide what sort of style and size card that would correlate with the rest of the wedding theme. Invitations come in all sorts of shapes, styles, and envelopes, however, they are generally rectangular in shape, and measure around four and a half inches by six and a quarter inches. The cost of producing and shipping the cards will vary depending on the shape and size of the card.

The dimensions and color are only two important factors that you must consider in regards to your card, in fact, the information and the typeface printed on the card are actually just as important, if not more crucial than the dimensions and color! The information must be accurate, and must not crowd the entire card for aesthetic purposes. You really ought to provide only the vital information such as RSVP information, the location of the venues, the date and time, and the name of the married couple-to-be. This is where the right typeface will work wonders for you, especially if you have quite a bit of information to pack into the card. You will want everything to be aesthetically pleasing on the card so it may be worth it to consider hiring a professional to help you in this regard, in particular, a calligrapher. A professional will be able to give you suggestions of card size and typeface that will be the best for your budget. If you do not have the budget space to consult someone, you need to familiarize yourself with calligraphy and stationery software, perhaps one of the Adobe program suites, or a specific wedding card generating software.

Now that you have your rough draft of the cards, you should ask your friends who are grammar-savvy and have a eye for nuances read over the proof for errors and suggestions. It is crucial at this point to make sure the costs of material and shipping is not going to bankrupt your budget. You will want to weigh out one invitation for the proper postage, you do not want to send out cards only for them to be sent back because of user error! You should also always order extra cards, and get an accurate count of households to individual guests. If you have done everything accurately, send out the cards, and wait for the RSVP's that roll in.

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