Buffalo Grove, IL Restaurants

Popular Dining Options

We provide limousine or party bus service all over the Chicagoland area and we spend a lot of time taking our guests to their dining destinations. As a result we are able to get unique first hand experiences from a wide range of individuals. We are able to provide insight into which restaurants, as well as other establishments, are trending up so you will never be at a loss for something to do with our experienced chauffeurs. Below we will provide a few of our top suggestions from in Cook County, in and around Buffalo Grove.

Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria
(847) 215-7100

Lou Malnati’s is an Italian favorite for those in the Buffalo Grove area. They're known for going above and beyond with their portions sizes here. If you're a fan of deep dish pizza that has been made famous in the Chicagoland area, this is definitely going to be a spot that you'll want to check out the next time you're looking to eat out. This pizzeria is the real deal, and we love that they offer heart shaped pizzas around Valentine's Day. Even the biggest pizza fans will see that this is the most authentic style of pizza in the area when it comes to the flavor profile.

[ 85 S Buffalo Grove Rd Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 ]
Taste of Tokyo
(847) 459-1656

Taste of Tokyo is a Japanese sushi bar with premum ingredients that really shine through in the end result of their specialty rolls, sashimi and nigiri. Even better, this is an all you can eat situation! The fun atmopshere is a big reason why so many choose to gather here with their family and friends. Be sure to start off with their miso soup and salad complete with peanut ginger dressing, it's the absolute best way to get acquainted with this spot. There are also amazing appetizers of potstickers and spring rolls to check out in the area. Check out their mochi ice cream.

[ 159 McHenry Rd Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 ]
Rivaj Indian Cuisine
(847) 465-8000

Rivaj Indian Cuisine is an Indian style restaurant that has a notable buffet selection. What's better than being able to eat as much as you want? The naan bread is one of the very best sides here, if you've never had it before, be prepared to become addicted! Some of the locals favorite dishes happen to be the tandoori chicken, chicken tikka masala, daal makhani, paaner makhani, cambar, as well as the mixed vegetable pakora. We're sure you're going to enjoy eating in the clean, lively atmosphere here at Rivaj. If you have any questions at all, just as a waitress!

[ 1034 Weiland Rd Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 ]
Wiener Take All
(847) 634-2325

Wiener Take All is a food destination in Buffalo Grove that focuses on churning out hot dogs and other sandwiches. This is the perfect place to head to for lunch, especially considering the fact that the staff is so efficient. The Italian beef sandwich is one of the most popular ways to enjoy a lunch here! If you like burnt food, you can even order a chardog here. It tastes just like what you receive at the local ballpark! The Polish sausage is another sandwich that's popular amongst regulars here. Come on out today and see what all of the hype is about.

[ 1117 Weiland Rd Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 ]

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